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Highway Mérida – Chetumal Km 87.5 Chunhuhub, Quintana Roo. México.

Available hours de 8:00 hrs - 18:00 hrs.

* Own car

- From Mérida Yucatán: Take federal road No. 261 to Muna city, continue along road No.184, cross the city of José María Morelos towards Felipe Carrillo Puerto, take the detour to the community of chunhuhub, follow the road for approximately 1O km.

- From Chetumal: Take federal highway No. 307 Chetumal - Cancún, junction No. 293 via short chunhuhub. Stop at 1O Km before arriving at chunhuhub.

- From Cancún: Take federal highway No. 307 towards Playa del Carmen, follow the road to FelipeCarrillo Puerto, continue on the road to Mérida. In Polyuc take the deviation towards Chunhuhub and finally continue 1O km passing the community.

*Public transport

- From Mérida: Take the bus from Mérida to José María Morelos, take the van (it may take 1 hour) or take a taxi to Chunhuhub and ask to take them to the Ecotourism Center, located 1O km past the community.

- From Cancun: Take the Mayab bus to Felipe Carrillo Puerto, then go to José María Morelos vanes station, located on the federal highway Av. Lázaro Cárdenas, take the van and mention that it goes to Chunhuhub. Finally request a taxi service in Chunhuhub to the Ecotourism Center.

- From Felipe Carrillo Puerto: Take public transport, either van or Mayab to Polyuc, in Polyuc you can request a taxi service to Kíichpam K'áax.


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