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Meeting with the Mayan Paradise

Come to live and learn about the Mayan Culture, for 2 days and a night of rest in our ecological c...

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Jungle and chicle (chew-gum)

This experience goal is to involve through a beautiful path in our lush jungle, challenging the adve...

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Xunan Kab

The visitors will be able to know and learn this Mayan ancestral technique, that involve the tame an...

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Green Gold

This is one of the experiences with more cultural meaning, because the visitor not only will learn a...

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Trapiche (Sugar cane juice extraction)

In this experience you will learn how our ancestors extracted the sugar cane juice, and the use that...

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A look of life, birds watching.

If you’re a bird lover or you just want to live this unique experience, come to discover the magni...

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Janal Pixan (Traditional tamal “Pib”)

Learn about the big Mayan gastronomy, in this activity you will learn to make the traditional Pib ta...

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Let’s go for a walk

A tour through 4 communities of the Maya zone, Dzulá, Xpichil, Polyuc y Chunhuhub. A tour full of c...

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Mystic walking trail

An experience walking our trail Yu’um Lu’um (earth keeper) asking for a permit with jmen, to go ...