Meeting with the Mayan Paradise

Come to live and learn about the Mayan Culture, for 2 days and a night of rest in our ecological cabins, we perform activities like campfire under the stars while we share stories and legends. We will visit a cenote that is located in the middle of the jungle and has approximately 45 meters of depth, where you can immerse yourself and contemplate the beautiful landscape that surrounds this cenote. We will also visit Don Margarito, craftsman from the community of Polyuc, who will teach you how to make your own basket with liana collected from the jungle. We will also know the community of Chunhuhub, while we take a walk in the traditional mototaxis and learn a little about the history of this small community, we will also share with a Mayan family, founders of Chunhuhub a delicious and traditional food, made by themselves. Finally, we will visit a pineapple, where you will learn about the cultivation of this wonderful fruit of the region, and you will also have the opportunity to harvest it yourself.




Day 1
3 to 5 pm
- Check-in: Arrive registration, fruit water depends on the season, cabins assignment.

5 to 6 pm

- Exploring with the guide our eco-touristic center:Garden, traditional medicine, fruit trees, our experiences, trapiche, Maya bees, traditional house, henequen, walking trial.
6 to 7 pm
- Surprise gastronomic workshop or firewood: Optional, let us know which one you want.
7 to 8 pm
- Dinner

8 pm
- Rest

Day 2
8 to 9 am
- Breakfast, café de olla (pot coffee) fruit, toast, jam, butter, home style eggs.

10 am to 5 pm
- Beginning of the experience koónex xiimbal
Our adventure begins boarding our rustic transportation, (visit 4 Mayan communities, Dzula where we will swim in its beautiful jamtum( spider cenote), the Mayan community of Xpichil embroidery, Polyuc craft with bejuco baskets, our community Chunhuhub and church, meet a family, a ride with our tricitaxi transportation, and enjoy a tasty “machacado” (smoothie) Recommendations:
Ecologic Sunscreen
Water bottle
Biodegradable repellent
*Asking always if you can take pictures in the communities.

6 pm
- Check out


-1 night of stay
-Food and drinks
-Local Guide
-Tickets an transportation to communities
-“Ko’ónex ximbal let’s go for a walk” Visit to 4 Mayan communities Experience
-Down the ya’aché (Wood fire grandparents stories) Experience

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